Sorry for all the changes

I am still not happy with the layout can’t find one I like or can read properly. So sorry if its driving you crazy (but its driving me nuts too!!)


Knitting round the twist

This is not how knitting in the round is supposed to look!! Finally managed to hold it like it appears in the book but very complicated.


Ok so not exacly an Andy Goldsworthy design but you have to do something with the left over sweets at the bottom of the Quality street tin! Can you tell what it is yet?

New Year

Well it’s a new year and Im thinking what I can do craft wise. I know it can be unwise to make to many plans especially when I have months when I can’t do anything but I am hoping to be able to do some more crafts this year.

Started today but putting some things on ebay to de-clutter nearly said re-clutter but I don’t need to plan to do that! Going to try and sort out resources as half the time I can’t find anything and got lots of bits I don’t need or use.

Been thinking about possibly having an esty shop but not 100% as looks like you have to do quite alot of advertising and promoting with so many shops , though prehaps selling on ebay might be better. I am thinking of corchet food sets items, or make some as teaching aids since I know what can be useful and the plastic versions that are around for lots of money. Though I know its not something that will make me rich; at best will cover cost, but my be good to see what the market is like.

Another idea that will take longer is to make and sell own crochet or knitting patterns as in theory you can resell them as many times as y0u like for no extra effort. Failing that will try and document more the things I make as most of the time I have no record!

Birthday cards

I had made a 3 birthday card like the one below but I managed to lose it somewhere! So used my new craft machine to cut out letters to make this super fast card.

This was just made by sticking jelly tot sweets on to a card, kind of cute huh

Crochet food set (Pressie for God-daughter)

White bread

Wholemeal bread

Brown bread

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

Cheese sandwich

Cheese and cucumber

Ham and tomato

Egg sandwich

Monster sandwich!



All ready to go in the post


Started sewing in the Autumn but was bit of a secret as most things were for pressies, here is a bag I’ve made.

Made this crayon roll for my God-daughter took a while to get right but looks nice and rolls up small and tidy

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